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Yahya Zaki invites members of Parliament to visit the economic zone

Engineer Yahya Zaki, head of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, invited members of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives to visit project sites in the economic zone to inspect the results achieved during the past year, despite the slowdown that the world witnessed in investments and projects, due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.


Eng. Yahya Zaki emphasized the great support the economic zone receives from the political leadership and the permanent follow-up that has contributed a lot to the launch of the authority during the year 2020 and until now, although there are many that have not been achieved so far, but goals have been achieved in a short time that will advance the wheel of investment and development. .


Zaki said, that the authority has faced some difficulties, but it has succeeded in eliminating some obstacles in front of investors and their clients, pointing to the permanent cooperation and coordination between the authority and government agencies and ministries, and continuous follow-up with the prime minister in completing some procedures and legislations that will attract new and diversified investments to the region.


For his part, Representative Eng. Ahmed Samir, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, praised what has been achieved during the past period in terms of work and accomplishment of some measures that have contributed to moving the wheel of development in the economic zone, calling on the deputies members of the Economic Committee the need to unite and rally around this great national project with political dimensions The economic, social and strategic, which will put Egypt on the global investment map, saying: “There is no criticism of a project that faces some difficulties in achieving its goals without the support and support of everyone. We must support this region and stand by it and work to remove the obstacles so that we can judge the business if it is satisfactory or not. And holding the official accountable, it is not reasonable for me to talk and wait for returns, results and actions, and there are obstacles and obstacles hindering the progress of economic development in this region. "


It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives Economic Committee has approved the general budget for the Suez Canal Economic Zone for the new fiscal year 2021/2022, which amounts to 15.1 billion pounds.