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7 useful home remedies for sore throat, most notably carrots, tea and ginger

Sore throat is one of the most common symptoms that afflict humans in different seasons of the year, and it is not only limited to the winter season and cold weather, but continues throughout all seasons in the event of exposure to cold air after hot, such as air conditioning or fans, and it directly causes sore throat and pain in the tonsils, and usually The patient resorts to searching for healthy foods to treat him from home before resorting to the doctor in the absence of other symptoms.

And the medical website "only my health" stated that there are a number of foods useful for sore throat, which are an alternative to drug treatments that cause side effects on the body, and the most prominent of these useful foods are as follows:

1- licorice

Licorice soothes sore throat, and studies show that this remedy can greatly reduce pain.

2- ice cream

 Cold foods help numb the pain and enhance the gentle effect.

3- cooked carrots

And carrots cooked from it, whether steamed, or roasted, soothe a cough, as carrots help infiltrate, increase immune stimulus, and boost vitamin A. In addition, vegetables are full of nature’s beneficial pigments for the skin.

 4 - tea

It is a classic remedy, and tea has many flavors, and it can help give an infection response to fight your body against any viruses or bacteria, and you must take ginger, chamomile, green, or black tea, and take advantage of the power of adding drinks to reduce stress, and increase focus.

5 - honey

Honey is delicious and in addition to being an effective ingredient for treating sore throats, it also soothes coughs apart from medication.