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Alaa Abdel-Al on the Egyptian Cup crowning Aswan: "Why not?"

Alaa Abdel-Al, the technical director of the Aswan team, expressed his happiness at the qualification of his team to the semi-finals of the Egyptian Cup competition, after defeating Al-Masry in the quarter-final match with a score of 5/4 in penalties. Abdel-Al said in statements to the "B On Time" program: I tried It gave the players the motivation to win the last minutes of the Al-Masry match. Between the two halves, we were defeated by a clean goal, but we were better.

He added: Even after receiving the second goal, I felt their seriousness and not despair, and changes were made to return to the match and the motives were present and the players were up to the responsibility.

He concluded by talking about the ambition to win the Cup of Egypt: Why not ... We take things in stages and wait for the winner from Zamalek and the clearing, and as soon as the meeting is determined, I will tell the players why we do not win the cup, and I will work on the strategic, technical and psychological side, whichever team we will face.

The Board of Directors of the Aswan Club, headed by Major General Ahmed Suleiman, decided to spend a material reward for the players and the technical staff after qualifying for the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup, following the victory over the Egyptian club in the quarter-final match with penalty kicks with a score of 5/4, in the meeting that brought the two teams together yesterday evening.

The financial crisis that Aswan Club is going through has prevented the team’s board of directors from paying an exceptional reward to the players, and the Aswan Council is working to provide new resources for the club after obtaining the right to use the club’s land.

For his part, Amr Al-Halawani, left-back of Aswan Club, revealed the scenes of his recording of the decisive penalty kick in the Aswan team's qualification to the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup after beating Al-Masry 5/4 with a penalty shootout.

Al-Halawani said in statements to "The Philosopher" on Radio On Sport FM: One of the good matches I played in my life was the Al-Masry match, especially that we were two goals behind and we tied, and this is wonderful, and Al-Masry is a great team. We have the match, and we must focus. "