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Bahrain closes two mosques due to Corona virus infections among worshipers

The Kingdom of Bahrain announced the closure of two mosques, due to the presence of existing cases of the emerging corona virus, in the governorates of Muharraq and the North, as part of the continuous follow-up carried out by the national medical team to address the Corona virus.


And the Bahraini Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments explained - according to the Bahrain News Agency - that this comes within the framework of preserving public health requirements and protecting worshipers, noting that the two mosques were closed temporarily for a period of two weeks so that the concerned teams could carry out the process of tracing contacts, as well as carrying out the sterilization process and making sure of the Take precautionary measures properly and put them into practice.


The Bahraini Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments stressed its follow-up to the implementation of precautionary measures in mosques, its intensification of inspection campaigns, and taking what is necessary to preserve the health and safety of worshipers, stressing that adherence to instructions and precautionary measures today is imposed by religious responsibility and national duty.