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Domestic consumption of natural gas exceeded 4 million tons last March

Domestic consumption of natural gas increased last March, according to government data, as the volume of domestic consumption exceeded the level of 4 million thousand, while the volume of consumption in March 2020 was about 3 million and 532 thousand tons, an increase of 470 thousand tons.

Data issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, obtained by Youm7, said that domestic consumption of other petroleum products declined slightly, in contrast, as the volume of consumption amounted to 2 million and 289 thousand tons last March, compared to 2 million and 397 thousand tons. In the same month in 2020, a decrease of 108 thousand tons.

The local production of natural gas rose significantly last March, as the production volume recorded about 4 million and 612 thousand tons, while it was 3 million and 559 thousand tons in March of 2020, an increase of about one million and 53 thousand tons, while it recorded The volume of domestic production of crude oil and condensate was about 2 million and 488 thousand tons last March, compared to 2 million and 630 thousand tons in the same month in 2020.