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Federation of Chambers of Commerce: The volume of trade is growing annually between Egypt and the European Union

The General Federation of Chambers of Commerce stressed the importance of deepening the presence of Egyptian companies in European exhibitions; To enhance the volume of trade between Egypt and Europe, confirming the annual growth of trade volume between the two sides.


Today, Wednesday, in a specialized commercial study on the commercial relationship between Egypt and the European Union, the Union clarified the importance of providing facilities for holding permanent foreign exhibitions for Egyptian products in Europe, pointing to the importance of continuous access to updates on European specifications for imported goods and publishing them at symbolic prices.


He called for strengthening strong financial support for foreign missions, extensive participation in international exhibitions, and inviting specialized international companies to set up their exhibitions in Egypt to exchange benefits, especially those developed countries, well-known brand products and high technology.


He praised the Egyptian government's plans to attract European investments to Egypt, which are achieving continuous success in this regard, pointing out the need to take the necessary precautions to face the expected economic stagnation with the implementation of Brexit (Britain's exit from the European Union).


He also stressed the need to pay attention to e-commerce, which is becoming increasingly important with the passage of time, with the need to establish e-commerce centers in cooperation with the private sector, through which the skills of workers in the export field will be rehabilitated, whether for the administrators of those centers or for the exporters themselves.


He pointed to the need to support projects through the transfer of advanced technology through bilateral partnerships and the establishment of integrated agricultural and industrial complexes in the newly reclaimed desert lands.


Through the study, he recommended the necessity of supporting joint cooperation in the field of scientific research between Egypt and the European Union and activating the role of friendship societies and joint rooms.


It is noteworthy that Egypt's exports to the European Union amounted to 2.376 billion dollars, while imports amounted to 4.600 billion dollars during the first quarter of this year, according to data from the General Organization for Export and Import Control.