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Foods that fight aging and make the skin more youthful, most notably the walnut

Many women are always looking for freshness of the skin to appear with shiny, supple and healthy skin, and this is due to the interest from the beginning with the healthy diet that is eaten, and according to the medical “health line” website, there are a number of foods useful for the health of the skin and body, due to the elements they contain that fight aging And make the skin more fresh, we learn about it in this report.


Foods that fight aging and make the skin more youthful


1- olive oil

The fats in olive oil are monounsaturated fatty acids, which play a role in promoting youth and the antioxidant elements in olive oil can also quell free radical damage.

2- tomato


The antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes improves the skin's image naturally, and acts as a sunscreen.

3 - dark chocolate


Helps moisturize the skin and improve blood circulation in the body and skin.

4- Oatmeal


Whole-grain oatmeal is the best breakfast choice, because it delivers a double whammy for the skin: refined, sugary carbohydrates prompt your body to make insulin, and increased production of hormones known as androgens.

5- Eye of the Camel


Walnut contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, and a deficiency of these fats can lead to eczema, which is associated with dry skin and flaking.

The latest studies stated that the formation of collagen in a regular and correct way in the body works to fight and resist skin wrinkles, and that its composition with natural foods is absolutely better than looking for drug treatments from collagen capsules that are taken orally.

She said that the most important foods useful for the formation of collagen in the body are fish, poultry, eggs and yogurt, all of which contribute to the formation of amino acids necessary for the formation of collagen naturally in the human body, as it helps reduce and fight skin wrinkles that men and women suffer from.