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From the beaches of El Alamein to Cairo..Mohamed Salah publishes his photos in front of the sea and the pyramids

The Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, a professional in the ranks of the English club Liverpool, is enjoying spending his summer vacation in Egypt, which he started a few days ago, after the end of the football season in England, where Salah took advantage of that time to enjoy his vacation with his family on the Egyptian beaches, who is keen to publish his photos while spending The holiday, with the public through his personal account on the “Instagram” website.

Today, Monday, Mohamed Salah, through the “Story” feature through his account on Instagram, published a picture of the Egyptian pyramids, without clarifying whether this was while he was going to visit the pyramids, or if it was a snapshot of his pictures while he was just passing by the pyramids, and this came about two days after he posted a picture of him on One of the beaches of El Alamein, and put the heart sign next to the abbreviation of the word Egypt.

And the pictures of Mohamed Salah on the Egyptian beaches became the talk of the hour, which confirms that the Liverpool star has become one of the most important ambassadors of Egypt to various countries, by supporting Egyptian tourism, as he publishes his pictures on his personal accounts working to promote Egyptian tourism in England in particular, and Europe in general. Which has a magical effect in improving the mental image of tourists around the world.

Mohamed Salah is well aware of his great role in supporting Egyptian tourism, as he is always keen to publish his photos when he visits Egypt, especially since publishing the last photos on his personal accounts on social networking sites was not the first time, because he used to do so every year, the last of which was when he traded Some social media activists took a picture of the Egyptian star on one of the beaches of El Gouna, during the quarantine period while he was infected with the Corona virus earlier. Before returning to England, which had a great return in international newspapers.