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Home remedies to get rid of arm pain after being vaccinated with the Corona vaccine

One of the common side effects for many people after receiving the corona vaccine is arm inflammation, and in this report we provide you with some tips and exercises that will help you relieve pain in the place of vaccination, and the following are some home remedies and tips on treating arm pain, according to the “onlymyhealth” website.


Wet the injection site


Soon after you get the vaccine, place a clean, cool, damp cloth over the vaccination site. This technique acts as a cold compress that temporarily reduces nerve activity, reducing inflammation and swelling, which is the main cause of this pain.


Keep moving your arm


Rotate your arm above your head in a circular motion about 10 times, this will cause blood to flow through your arm and relieve pain.


Take a pain reliever


You can also take some medicine if you can't stand the pain. An analgesic works to calm the pain.



Back shoulder stretching exercises


Stand with your arm against the wall and raise it to make a 90-degree angle with your shoulder. Rest your arm against the wall and grab your wrist with your other hand to bring your shoulder down. This will tighten your shoulder slightly, repeating this 3-5 times.