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Leading shares fall on the main index of the stock exchange in the middle of trading

The Egyptian stock market indices varied, in the middle of Thursday’s trading session, the end of the week’s sessions, as the main index declined under the pressure of falling leading shares, led by the Commercial International Bank, Orascom Investment Holding, Emaar Misr for Development, EFG Hermes Holding, GB Auto, while the EGY index rose X70 and EGX100.


The "EGX30" index declined by 0.58% to reach the level of 9983 points, and the "EGX50" index fell by 0.13% to reach the level of 2260 points, and the "EGX30" weighted index decreased by 0.39% to reach the level of 12542 points, The "EGX30" total return index fell by 0.75% to reach the level of 3,885 points.


While the index of medium and small companies "EGX70 of equal weights" increased by 0.54% to reach the level of 2396 points, and the "EGX100 index of equal weights" rose by 0.3% to reach the level of 3344 points, and the Nile Stock Exchange index increased by 0.34% to reach the level of 3,344 points. Level 1266 points.


In a related context, the Egyptian Stock Exchange announced the suspension of trading on 9 shares for a period of 10 minutes, for exceeding the 5%, up or down, during today's trading session, and they are; Arab Food Industries (Domty), Iron and Steel for Mines and Quarries, Amer Group Holding - Amer Group, Ajwa Food Industries - Egypt, Pioneers Tourism - Pioneers, Osoul Securities Brokerage, Arabian Aluminum, Canadian Gulf Arab Real Estate Investment, B Investments Holding.


In the same context, the transactions of the insiders, the main shareholders and the groups associated with them varied during a trading session yesterday, Wednesday, as the board of directors of my company Fawry for Banking Technology and Electronic Payments, Arab Rocks for Plastic Industries sold 32 thousand shares and 100 thousand shares, respectively, while the board of directors of Delta Construction Company bought And construction 35 thousand shares, and the reward and incentive system for employees of Contact Financial Holding Company bought 112.3 thousand shares.


In a separate context, the Egyptian Stock Exchange’s listing committee decided, in its session held yesterday, Wednesday, to sign a financial commitment on Golden Pyramids Plaza bonds – the first batch – the second issue, the securitization financial group, securitization bonds, 10,000 pounds, to be paid within 15 days from the date of the company’s notification of a decision The Listing Committee, provided that the company’s position is re-presented to the Listing Committee in the event of non-compliance with the end of the period granted to the company, due to the company’s non-compliance with Article (47) of the executive procedures for the rules of listing and delisting securities at the Stock Exchange, provided that the company is committed to providing the Stock Exchange with a recent classification certificate, with a maximum of On June 30, the situation will be presented to the Registration Committee.