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Poltico: Exposing America's spying on European leaders comes at a difficult time for Biden

Poltico newspaper said that the US spying scandal on European leaders, revealed by the Danish media, could cast a shadow over European-American relations ahead of President Biden's upcoming visit to the old continent this month.

Danish media revealed that the US National Security Agency had exploited its partnership with a Danish intelligence unit to spy on senior officials in neighboring countries, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Butlico says the report takes Europeans back to the dark days of 2013, when intelligence analyst Edward Snowden unveiled a massive US surveillance program that included tapping the cell phones of leaders of allied countries, including Merkel.

At this time, US President Barack Obama was forced to hold embarrassing talks with European leaders about spying on the Allies. Now, the newspaper says, it will be up to his vice president and incumbent President Joe Biden to reassure Europeans before his visit to Cornwall, Britain, on June 11, to participate in the G7 meeting, where issues of transatlantic relations, cooperation and digital trade will be at the top of the summit agenda.

Poltico believes that the Danish public broadcaster's report on espionage, which was reported by many European media outlets, would not have been more difficult for Biden. Washington and Brussels are in the midst of negotiations on a new deal to transfer data across the Atlantic to replace a previous deal that was suspended by the European Union's Supreme Court due to concerns about US espionage. There is no doubt that the recent disclosure will increase the European Union's focus on US espionage powers and legal restrictions and guarantees for European data, which the court ruled that not all of them are available.

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron said that if this detection of espionage is correct, he wants to say that it is not acceptable among the allies, and that is very clear. Macron added that it is even less acceptable between European allies and partners, so I am linked to relations between the Americans and Europeans that are based on trust, and there is no reason for us to doubt.