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The national project "A Decent Life" redraws the villages of the Egyptian countryside again

In full swing, the national project, "A Decent Life" for the development of Egyptian rural villages, continues to implement its projects within the villages and centers of the governorates of the Republic, which aim to bring about a qualitative leap and a major urban boom that will change the lives of about 58 million Egyptian citizens in 4584 villages within the targeted villages in all governorates of the Egyptian countryside. With a total budget of 700 billion pounds, more than 30 ministries and "executive and supportive" agencies, and 23 NGOs participate in the implementation of this national project for the development of Egyptian rural villages.

Within the framework of the executive follow-up of the “national project for a decent life” to develop the Egyptian countryside in 18 out of a total of 20 governorates, namely (Giza - Qalyubia - Alexandria - Sharkia - Gharbia - Menoufia - Damietta - Beheira - Kafr El Sheikh - Dakahlia - Minya - Beni Suef - Assiut - New Valley - Luxor - Aswan), the implementation of the national project continues in 29 centers out of a total of 52 centers (Al-Saff - Atfih - Shebin Al-Qanater - Burj Al-Arab - Abu Al-Matamir - Motobas - Sherbeen - Kafr Saad - Al-Shuhada - Ashmoun - Al-Qantara Sharq - Husseiniya - Zefti - Nasser - Biba - Abu Qurqas - Dermwas - Maghagha - Mallawi - Dayrut - Manfalut - Sahel Selim - Gerga - Armant - Asna - Farafra - Edfu - Kom Ombo).

As part of the ongoing field follow-up of the Foundation for a Decent Life, in cooperation with all ministries and partner bodies to review the executive position, work continues on sewage projects in 12 governorates with a total of 19 centers (Zefti - Husseiniya - Esna - Armant - Ashmoun - Al-Shuhada - Qantara Sharq - Nasser - Biba Kafr Saad - Edfu - As-Saff - Atfih - Shebin al-Qanater - Maghagha - Mallawi - Dermwas - Abu Qurqas - Gerga). In addition to continuing work on drinking projects in 9 governorates with a total of 11 centers (Zefti - Husseiniya - Esna - Armant - Ashmoun - Nasser - Biba - Qantara Sharq - Kafr Saad - Shebeen al-Qanater - Dermwas).

At the level of educational building projects, work continues in 13 governorates with a total of 17 centers, namely (Zefti - Husseiniya - Al-Shuhada - Ashmoun - Nasser - Biba - Edfu - Kom Ombo - Qantara Sharq - Sherbeen - Shebin Al-Qanater - Esna - Al-Saff - Atfih - Dermwas - Burj Arabs - Gerga).

At the level of service unit development projects, implementation continues in 12 governorates with a total of 18 centers (Al-Husseiniya - Shebin Al-Qanater - Esna - Armant - Ashmoun - Dayrut - Manfalut - Farafra - Sahel Salem - Al-Saff - Atfih - Kom Ombo - Edfu - Kafr Saad - Nasser - Biba - Dermwas - Gerga).

Medical convoys were launched in three governorates with a total of 4 centers (Al-Shuhada - Ashmoun - Shebin Al-Qanater - Motobas).

About a decent life:

The Egyptian Century Project; The national project “Dignified Life” for the development of rural Egyptian villages, where President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated the presidential initiative “Dignified Life” at the beginning of the Gregorian year 2019, which turned into a national project in the beginning of the Gregorian year 2021. This project aims to bridge the development gaps between the 4584 targeted villages and centers; This is in order to improve the economic, social and environmental standard of living for the most needy groups, who are the first to receive support in these areas. This project came to relieve the burden of the simple Egyptian citizen, who was the real hero in the battle of reform and construction. Hence, it was necessary to move on a large scale - for the first time - and within a framework of integration and unification of efforts between national state institutions, private sector institutions, civil society and development partners inside and outside Egypt. The axes of this project include all aspects of the development of the Egyptian human being and addressing multidimensional poverty through the development of an integrated development roadmap that harmonizes with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, by providing an integrated package of services, including the provision of decent housing, health, education, infrastructure, a clean environment, economic empowerment and communities Productive, in order to ensure the sustainability of development in the targeted villages and centers.. It aims to develop and improve the lives of more than half of Egypt's population, about 58% of the total population of the Republic. The national project, “A Dignified Life,” became a major umbrella for all development projects in Egypt, and thus became a societal development arm that would bring about a qualitative leap, which is the largest in the development field in Egypt at all in order to build the Egyptian person