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The police evacuated thousands from the streets of Barcelona for not adhering to the Corona measures

The Spanish police dealt with the gathering of about 5,000 people in the streets of Barcelona due to their failure to respect the social distancing measures of keeping the distance of physical distance, and not wearing masks, and the “Euro News” network presented footage of the police evacuating them from the streets, especially the Basiobin and beaches areas, as they are among the most Areas where large crowds gathered.

Barcelona residents, gathered in the Bassiobin and beaches areas, tried not to comply with police requests to break up gatherings and take precautions to prevent Corona infection, but police cars and their personnel spread in the place and vacated public roads in order to preserve measures to prevent Corona infection.

In the same context, Fernando Simon, Director of the Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), said that there will be the possibility of ending the mandatory use of masks soon, and explained: “If the development continues in this way, if people are aware and that it still needs to be preserved.” Control measures and respect for population measures, it may be possible at the end of June or July not to need masks in open places.

The main reason for this is the observed vaccination rate. During the month of June, more than 17 million vaccines are expected to arrive in Spain. Currently, more than 18 million people (38%) have received at least one dose, while 9.2 have received the full treatment regimen.

The medical official, who advocated the need to adopt a national approach to easing restrictions rather than a regional approach, stressed that it may be possible to significantly reduce the use of masks at home, among groups that received vaccinations, before the end of July, according to the Spanish newspaper, "La Bangordia".

Emiliano García Page, an administrative official in Castile, said the province was determined to scrap the obligation to wear masks outdoors before July, but added that he was seeking a "coordinated" approach nationwide.