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Thwarting a terrorist operation in Nineveh market ... and arresting an ISIS militant in Baghdad, Iraq

The Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate announced that it had thwarted a terrorist operation, with a motorcycle bomb in the Nineveh market.

The directorate said - in a statement reported by the Iraqi satellite channel (Alsumaria News), that "based on accurate intelligence provided by the Military Intelligence Directorate at the Iraqi Ministry of Defense about the presence of a motorcycle bomb in the Karaj area of ​​Makhmour district, Nineveh, prepared to be used in a terrorist operation targeting a market in the province." .

She added, "In light of this information, the detachments of the Military Intelligence Division in the 14th Division immediately began surrounding the bike’s area and raiding its hiding place, and was able to seize it in one of the deserted terrorist dens of ISIS, with 2 gilkans filled with C4 material. And 5 120 mm mortar rounds in the form of improvised explosive devices. Pointing out that "the squad engineering detachments took care of the destruction of the bike and the materials under control."

In another context, Baghdad Operations Command announced the arrest of a terrorist, west of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The leadership said - in a statement - “According to accurate intelligence information and a qualitative operation, a force of the Fifth Brigade, the Second Division, a federal police backed by the intelligence effort, operating within the Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, was able to arrest the terrorist required in accordance with Article 4 / terrorism. And dubbed (Umm Hafsa al-Rawi).

She added, "The operation was carried out by monitoring its movements in the (Al-Ghazaliya) area in Baghdad, where intelligence information confirmed that the terrorist worked within the terrorist ISIS gangs and distributes so-called guarantees to families belonging to ISIS terrorist gangs within the Karkh district.